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Learn Birth Photography

When I was first getting into birth photography I had no idea what I was doing.

I remember seeing a birth article with gorgeous birth images in it and knew that it was something I had to try. I would research birth photography on the internet from time to time only to find blog posts of birth stories. Which, was great since it kept that little spark of interest lit…but it didn’t help provide me with any information on what to do or how to get into birth photography. There was no book, or guide. No workshop to take. I wanted to learn birth photography, but it was still such a new niche at the time and, for the most part, all of us birth photographers were left figuring it out on our own.

Over the next couple of years I began to learn from experience and good old trial & error.

As I gained experience as a birth photographer, not only did my passion for birth stories grow, but my love and dedication for mothers and the overall birth experience flourished. The two quickly became one in my eyes. Being there to document mom’s journey meant (and continue to means) so much more than the beautiful images I am able to capture as a photographer. While understanding all of the details and how to shoot a birth is necessary to being a birth photographer, being compassionate for mom and adding to her over all birth experience is just as important.

Birth Photography Guide - laurenguilford.comPINIMAGE

In hopes to help other photographers along their own journey with birth photography, I created this guide to walk them through, step by step, the things I wish I knew when I was in their shoes.

Not only can photographers have peace of mind going into a birth session, but (bonus!) they can learn from my own mistakes and avoid the frustration and heartache that comes with trial and error.

Birth Photography Guide - laurenguilford.comPINIMAGE

In this e-guide I open up about everything I know as a birth photographer.

Here’s a look at what’s included:

  • My Why
  • The Process of Birth
  • My complete “A-Z” of birth stories
    – from booking a session to final delivery of images
  • Challenges of Birth Photography
    • Being on Call
    • Working with a Back-up Photographer
    • Tough Lighting Situations
    • Caesarean Births
    • When the Unplanned Happens
  • Recommended Gear
  • Shooting Tips
  • My Editing Workflow (Lightroom) + Slideshow Tips
  • Contract Considerations
  • Pricing tips (+ Mistakes to Avoid!)


  • an interactive “Birth Story Inspiration Guide”
  • My shot list ‘cheat sheet’
  • Client Questionnaire (what you should ask during your consult)
  • a customizable Client Welcome guide (.psd files supplied so you can tailor to your branding and session options)

Birth Guide $97

Birth Photography Guide - laurenguilford.comPINIMAGEBirth Photography Guide - laurenguilford.comPINIMAGENOTE: this guide is not a ‘how to’ for shooting in Manual mode. We’re going to assume you are comfortable with your camera (on Manual or one of the semi-automatic modes) and can adjust for the scene accordingly.Santa-Clarita-Birth-Center-Lauren-Guilford-Photography-laurenguilford.com_0674.jpgPINIMAGELos-Angeles-Birth-Photographer-Lauren-Guilford-Photography-laurenguilford.com_0632.jpgPINIMAGE

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