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Los Angeles Birth Video | Baby Nolan

The sun was starting to peek it’s way out behind morning clouds as I exited the freeway. I pulled up to the hospital, grabbed my bags, and walked through the familiar hallways heading to labor and delivery. My mind flashed back to a similar moment, 2 years ago, when I made the same walk, at nearly the same time, to document this mama’s first birth. Excitement washed over me as I entered her room, knowing that an amazing journey was already unfolding.

I opened the door and there she was; breathing calmly and deeply through each contraction with her partner’s arm wrapped softly around her.

I put my bags down and watched my client as she let go of that contraction. She softened, and her presence came back to the room. We quietly chatted before her next contraction picked up, checking in with how things were going and how she was feeling.

Baby boy was making moves as mama continued to power through her labor with the support of her partner and mother. Staying mobile and listening to her body each step of the way.

And before long, an alert baby boy with a head full of hair emerged loudly telling all of us his side of the story!

Here is a glimpse of this mama’s journey bringing her second baby boy into this world.

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